Tips for a correct hiring

  1. Do not value the offers for their price only, study and compare the quality of the work units between several offers. Remember that in the end the cheap is almost always expensive.
  2. Dismiss offers from non-specialist professionals in the waterproofing sector.
  3. Check that the industrialist is familiar with the different systems and solutions offered by the market, in order to be able to choose the best one in each case.
  4. In turn, the industrialist would have to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the different existing waterproofing materials and products, to be able to choose the best one if appropriate.
  5. Request the name of the manufacturer and the Technical Sheets of the chosen products, they will help you better understand the solution provided by the industrialist and clarify any possible doubts about him.
  6. Make sure that the service company is legally incorporated and has its corresponding tax license.
  7. Find out if the work will be carried out by the company’s own personnel or will be subcontracted.
  8. Check that the operators are insured and up to date with all their SS.SS, whether they are owned by the company or outsourced.
  9. The company will have to be up to date with all its payments and obligations with the Social Security and Treasury.
  10. The company will have to have contracted and in force, all the mandatory insurance, both for accidents at work and for Civil Liability and Damages to Third Parties.