Radon Gas Barriers

We install and guarantee all waterproofing materials against Radon gas

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We offer the best product and solution in each case by applying leak detection systems

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New construction waterproofing

Specialists in new construction waterproofing. Official Distributors and Installers of Chova and Drizoro

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Thermal and acoustic insulation

Llana Roca plates Plates type P.I.R. Extruded Polystyrene Plates Insulating Slabs

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At the forefront of waterproofing


IMPERA Waterproofing

Leaders in waterproofing and insulation for companies and individuals

We respond to the most demanding market needs and for this we have a high degree of technical training, a highly professional qualified human team, with a constant desire to improve.

The best service

Commitment to the client and their needs

Our mission is to create value for our clients through the installation and maintenance of thermal and humidity protection systems. We want to help design and install the right system and then work with our customers to maintain the life of the installation.

  • Trust
  • Post-Sale Service
  • High quality facilities
  • Guarantees
  • High technical knowledge
  • Focus on the customer

Leaders in waterproofing and insulation in Catalonia

IMPERA Impermeabilitzacions, is a company specialized in the field of roof waterproofing made up of professionals with more than 25 years of experience, carrying out all kinds of interventions both in new construction and in rehabilitation and surface coating.


Factories and Industries, large commercial areas, construction in general and communities of owners

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Lightweight deck type roofs, walkable and impassable inverted metal roofs and fiber cement roofs

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LBM sheets (Modified Bitumen), Synthetic sheets (PVC and TPO), Rubber sheets (Butyl and EPDM) and continuous waterproofing

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Llana Roca boards, P.I.R. type boards, extruded polystyrene boards and insulating slabs

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Leak detection

Inspections of all points by specialized technicians and detection of possible causes that have caused leaks

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Other Services

Roof maintenance, gutter maintenance, watertightness tests and approved certificates

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Waterproofing works as a physical barrier against the entry of water into buildings and any type of construction. It is achieved through the use of waterproof membranes. The waterproofing in relation to the support can be adhered or non-adhered (floating), semi-adhered or mechanically fixed.

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