What is radon?

It is a radioactive gas of natural origin , undetectable by human beings by their own means, which comes from the decay of radium; which in turn comes from the disintegration of uranium contained in rocks such as granite.

Radon is the most important source of natural radiation. It has the ability to adhere to the pulse particles that gravitate in the air , being able to access and accumulate in the lungs. Contains radioactive alpha particles; They are responsible for causing mutations in the cells of the respiratory system in case of inhalation, which can lead to cancer. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), radon gas ranks as the second most common cause of lung cancer , after tobacco.

It is present very scarcely in the air we breathe, in low concentrations. Radon is quickly diluted outdoors so it is not a problem. On the other hand, in closed spaces, high concentrations can be registered , posing a potential risk to health. Being colorless, odorless and tasteless, it can accumulate, without our realizing it, inside built-up homes . If there is insufficient ventilation, the concentration can become very high and dangerous for the inhabitants of the building .

Radon gas can enter through cracks or fissures in the concrete of the foundation of a house . In addition, its input can be enhanced thanks to elements that modify the air pressure, such as stoves, kitchen extractors, fans, etc. The most common situation is that the most affected parts are the ground floors or basements, moving to the rest of the house.

From IMPERA we are at the forefront of novelties and changes that is why we already have a team formed to place and guarantee all the waterproofing materials against Radon gas by the hand of our manufacturer ASFALTOS CHOVA we already have two types of approved asphalt sheet to protect against Radon.


Since IMPERA we have been carrying out work against Radon for more than a year in different works.

OBRA VIVENDA LA GAVINA – S’AGARÓ (400m2 of anti-radon barrier with aluminum foil)

OBRA LABORATORIS HIPRA AIGUAVIVA (600m2 of anti-radon barrier with asphalt sheet)