Roof finishes (engravings, tile, landscaped)

If a waterproofing system is visible, it must have some kind of self-protection against the sun and the vast majority will be considered impassable / visitable. The rest of the systems have to be protected or ballasted, as is the case with inverted roofs. For protection and finishing, various types of construction materials are normally used, ceramic tiles, stoneware, slabs, concrete, etc., to ballast the inverted roofs, the rolling edge engraving is the most common, although there are also other materials, like volcanic rock.

The garden roof, also called an ecological roof or simply a planter, is a waterproofing that permanently retains water is especially delicate. To avoid problems, you will have to take into account and respect several points and issues, both in its approach and in its execution and finish, always contact us.

As specialists in the realization of this type of Roofing, at IMPERA Waterproofing, we direct all our technical and human resources to provide a personalized service to our
clients, maintaining an open and constructive relationship at all times based on trust and constant communication, to define the best solutions and apply the most appropriate systems for each case.

Each project is different and we provide them and inform them of the most suitable solution both in the choice of the different products offered by the sector, and in the coordination and execution of the work , so that you can make a good decision on this issue.